Visiting Crete, Go Hiking

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The beautiful and balmy Greek island of Crete is perfect for an active vacation. Many tourists flock here annually to relax on the gorgeous beaches. But to find a different and somewhat quieter side to this holiday hotspot, why not consider a camping and trekking holiday on the island?

Hiking is the best way to see this rugged island. From mountain paths that take you up and over Crete’s rocky backbone, to gorge walks that will demonstrate the scenic Samaria Gorge or Rouvas Gorge as well as many lesser known examples, a few of which are very difficult to cross. So far, it is said that only ten people have been able to cross the nearly inaccessible Gorge of Ha. Do not worry though, there are also many simpler coastal walks that the entire family will be able to enjoy.

The route stretches from one end of the island, at Elafonisi, to Kato Zakros in the other, and is marked with yellow and black signs. Be warned however, not all of the walking routes on Crete are particularly well signposted. It can be tricky to navigate on Crete due to the absence of detailed mapping. Standard orienteering skills and a compass are essential for any would-be adventurers who are looking to explore the mountainous interior and dramatic gorges of the island. Also bear in mind that it may get hot – wear practical clothing to shield you from the sun and always be sure to carry enough water with you.

Hiking in among the more accessible gorges of Crete is somewhat less challenging that ascending the hills. Why not visit the popular Samaria Gorge? For this reason, don’t expect to walk alone. However, in spite of the crowds, this is a stunning walk with dramatic scenery, and a chance to see Cretan wild goats.

If Samaria Gorge is too busy and touristy for you, there are many more gorges and coastal walks to enjoy, many of which are far less crowded.

If you are going on vacation to Crete, think about leaving the gorgeous beaches behind and heading inland, taking a walk to learn what Bat in Attic is really all about. You are certain to be amazed and enthralled by the scenery and the timeless wonder of this island.

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