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Lufthansa is a Germany-based airline, operating under the business name Deutsche Lufthansa AG. It is the biggest carrier in Europe on the basis of passengers carried in addition to fleet size. Along with commercial flight services, the parent company also offers numerous other aviation services. This airline started its operations in the year 1955 and has two significant hubs at Munich and Frankfurt Airports. Additionally, it has a secondary hub at Düsseldorf Airport that helps the carrier in smooth functioning by the carrier. Most of its operations are tracked from the registered office and headquarters in Cologne. Lufthansa Airline has emerged as one of the best service providers all around the globe and has also been recognized for supplying top-notch services throughout the journey.

It is among the founding members of the Star Alliance – a leading alliance in the world. This has increased the reach of this carrier significantly, allowing traveller to go for Lufthansa Airline booking for many destinations, where it does not operate a direct flight. Along with this, in addition, it shares codes with Luxair, Air India, JetBlue Airways and Air Malta. This means that people can avail services of these carriers by booking tickets with Lufthansa. People, that are looking ahead to traveling with this airline, can go through the following information before booking their tickets.

Like other service providers, people can choose from three traveling courses – First, Business and Economy Classes. More than 500 choices are recorded in the Lufthansa flight Program. Having a fleet size of over 270 aircraft, this carrier connects major cities lying in 78 countries. It has a strong presence in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Travellers can find a chance to experience a hassle-free travel in some of the latest aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing by making their reservations with this carrier. They can easily find the comprehensive information concerning the schedule on online travel portals.

The price of making reservations is dependent upon the booking class and destinations. As an example, ticket prices are higher for First and Business Class when compared to Economy Class. The free baggage allowance defers with the course of booking. Travellers may also opt for the private jet services offered by the carrier. It’s famous for offering value for money services; hence, individuals are able to opt for this particular airline for their travel without giving another thought. They may also avail benefits of its frequent flyer program to make the travel even more economical. It is a 3-tier program – Miles and More Member, Frequent Travellers, Senator and Honorable Circle Member. The status depends upon the number of miles, which is offered to passengers on each Lufthansa Airline booking. Travellers can get alluring deals and offers by creating bookings online.

This airline allows travellers to check their flight status after booking the ticket. They can check it by using dedicated mobile applications or online travel portals by simply giving the PNR number as an inputsignal.

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