Exploring Europe on a Disney Cruise

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Day 1; We arrived at the port in Copenhagen, Denmark around 1:00pm, though you can board as early as 11am. We gave ourselves 3 hours to board (the ship sets sail at 4pm) so that we could explore Copenhagen before we left on our holiday. This afternoon included us exploring the ship and signing up for kids clubs. One of the incredible things about Disney, is their children clubs. They have rooms for different aged kids to go hang out in, participate in activities and make new friends. This gives parents a chance to have some time and know their children are safe and having fun. After exploring the boat, everyone came together at Deck 9 to set sail and have fun during”Mickey’s Sailing Away Party.” During this, everyone waves to the passengers staying in Copenhagen & dances along with Mickey & his buddies on stage. Once this is over, we headed to the 6:30pm theater series. Based on the dinner time you ask (6:00pm or 8:30pm) you may either watch the theater series at 6:30pm or 8:30pm, the opposite time that your eating dinner. I absolutely love the displays. Disney does an wonderful job making up themes and special acts to entertain their audience.

Day two was a”Day at Sea”, so we did not stop anywhere. We enjoyed our day watching Disney movies at Buena Vista Theater, participating in games at Vibe (a teenager club), eating lunch at Cabanas (the buffet at deck 9), enjoying yet another theater series, & eating dinner at one of the three rotational dining restaurants (Lumiere’s, Animators Palate, or Cariocas.) Depending upon your room card, you will rotate between these three different yummy restaurants. This night included Formal Dinner. This means we were encouraged to dress fancy (like dresses & skirts or suits for men.) Day’s at sea are, in my opinion, one of the best days on the boat. Disney provides their guests with the choice of Cabanas (the buffet on deck 9), Lumiere’s (one of the 3 rotational dining restaurants), or one of those quick service restaurants on deck 9. . American fare type of stand), and Pinocchio’s Pizza (a pizza stand where you can build any pizza you would like.) Disney Magic does a fantastic job creating grade A food daily and making sure to cook the food in a speedy manner, but keeping the taste incredible. Now, the food is not the only reason I absolutely love day’s at sea. Though food is a key factor, Disney also provides their guests with a news post each night, permitting them to see what activities are brewing for them the following day (you also have the choice of using their Disney Cruise Line app to find the menus and activities for every day.) This activities sheet is always full of karaoke, newly released movies, workout games, and much more during the days at sea. Disney makes sure their guests always have something fun and new to do on the boat, knowing some might get bored not having anyplace to dock.

We arrived and walked Tallinn Old Town, which gave us a true idea of their culture. We also researched the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, The Estonian Maritime Museum (an old prison), and Fat Margarets Tower (a large building near the ship.) Like most of you know, northern Europe has quite sketchy weather. Knowing this, I packaged a range of different layers and clothes. Tallinn remained in the 60 degree F area during the majority of our trip, which was amazing. My dad and brother could wear only shorts and a t shirt, so it really depends on your tolerance for cool weather. I am a small girl, so the wind was a little chilly for me, describing the long sweater.

Day 4 we stopped in St. Petersburg, Russia. On this day, we decided to get a bus driver and a tour guide (Alla Tours.) St. Petersburg had multiple churches (Church of the Spilled Blood for example) and palaces (Catherine’s Palace), so we needed someone to help us find our way around. I suggest finding a tour guide you trust (such as Alla Tours), because during our visit to Catherine’s Palace (and a few other city monuments), the line wrapped around the building to get in, but our tour guide found a way to skip the line and sneak us in just 15 minutes. Like Tallinn, St. Petersburg’s weather was quite strange. The morning was cold and forced me to wear a scarf (Madewell) and a thick coat (Madewell), but later in the day the temperature got warmer (possibly 67 degrees F) which allowed me to wear only a light rain coat (Spice), because St. Petersburg did tend to scatter every so often. On this night, there was no theater show because of all aboard being at 11:30pm. This means, you had the option of staying in Russia until 11:30pm or arriving early and having dinner but no display.

Day 5 we stopped in Helsinki, Finland. This afternoon was a bit shorter because all aboard was around 5pm. We decided to ride a carousel to see the town & take a boat ride to explore a small island with history about Finland (Suomenlinna.) We didn’t realize how large and historic Suomenlinna was, so we were not able to see all of its rich history. I suggest spending multiple hours here, in case you decide to visit this place in Finland. This night included the Semi Formal Dinner. Disney does not require you to dress up any of the nights on cruise, but through these special nights, it is highly encouraged.

Day 6 we stopped in Stockholm, Sweden. This day was shorter because all aboard was 3:30pm. We decided to visit the Armory & the Royal Palace alongside it. If you are traveling with any boys or men, I suggest visiting the Armory. It was very cool for my brother and dad to see all of the military armor, weaponry, and royal carriages. We also purchased tickets for the Hop on Hop off bus, but it was quite busy and packed (because of all of the boats docked in Stockholm that day), I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a ticket for this bus in this city. This night Disney included”Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Deck Party”, which meant we all went up on Deck 9 before dinner to watch the Frozen characters dance and sing on stage. Disney also changed their theatre show on this night. Unlike their usual broadway style show, they provided us with a comic series.

Day 7 was our final day, which means it was another”Day at Sea.” This afternoon was a lot like Day 2, except that the cruise included activities like scrap booking all of your memories & jack jack’s diaper dash (a race between infants who can crawl.) Usually my family and I prefer to eat lunch at Cabanas (the unlimited buffet is always nice), but on this day, my dad and I decided to try out Lumieres for lunch. I had the cuban sandwich and parmesan veal with pasta (two entrees were a must on this day) and my dad had the shrimp and pad thai noodles. Both meals were amazing! When the day was almost to an end, we enjoyed the last show (Disney Dreams) and also a dinner in Animators Palate (one of the 3 rotational restaurants.) After all was finished, the cruise wrapped up the day with a”See you real soon” party in the Lobby Atrium on Deck 3. This show included a wave good bye to all the figures on board and a pin trading session (all the guests on board came together to trade their Disney pins.)

Day 8 was our final morning on the ship, which meant you went to breakfast in the location you had dinner at the evening before or eat at Cabanas (the buffet on Deck 9.) For my family and I, we ate at Animators Palate once again. After eating the last meal on the boat, everyone disembarked and headed to the airport to fly home. Disney allows all of their guests to eat and explore the ship before leaving, which was nice because we didn’t feel rushed to get off the ship and let the new guests start their vacation.

This 7 night cruise from Copenhagen was a fantastic trip and well worth the money. I know plenty of people are thinking,”A cruise is way to expensive. You pay for a costly boat, expensive plane tickets, expensive hotel nights before the trip, expensive trips, & expensive trinkets,” but I am here to tell you, it is all worth it. My family and I have seen and made memories I may never be able to make again. I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve already been to more countries than over half the adults I know, & this is because my parents were willing to pay the money to take me on a life changing cruise in the Baltic.

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